All clubs participating in interclub this year are part of the Restrictions Exemption Program in place through the Government of Alberta. This means all players participating in interclub this year are required to be fully vaccinated and should be prepared to provide proof of vaccination for entry into all squash clubs.


Club Guidelines

Please be courteous of all club-specific rules and/or guidelines that the CISA respects including the following:


  • Calgary Winter Club: Juniors are always welcome! But since minors are not allowed in the R&R Pub, please give your Winter Club opponent team's Captain as much notice as possible if a Junior is playing that night. Management will ensure that the main restaurant or private function room is staffed after your matches so that Juniors can participate socially, too.

  • Mount Royal University: Access to the Sports and Squash courts for opponents players, is restricted to early check-in at 5:30 PM (for 6.00 PM start time matches).

  • Glencoe Club: All white clothing policy strictly enforced for all players (at least 80% of each independent clothing piece must be white).

All clubs within the CISA have allowed us to use their facilities to run our league and we respect the rules and/or guidelines of all clubs!